Software Development

‘Bringing agility and flexibility in-house’

Perhaps you don’t have the tech skills in-house, or perhaps your tech team is occupied with other projects, or maybe it’s just too expensive to build something yourself. Whatever the challenge, we can help you to deliver your software project.

Our expertise ranges from building mission-critical enterprise systems for multi-nationals to building line-of-business applications and websites for smaller organisations.

Case Study 1: Building a scalable transaction processing system

Challenge: Our client, a multinational financial institution, had a transaction processing system that wasn’t able to cope with the increased demands of the business.

Solution: We designed and developed a new, scalable system, working closely with the client to leverage the complex business logic of the original system. The new version was easier to manage and the scalable architecture meant that it could be rolled out to other regions, which allowed the client to reduce costs.

Case Study 2: Urgent workflow system for regulatory compliance

Challenge: Due to new regulations, our client needed to have a system in place to track and control several key workflows. But unfortunately, their internal tech team didn’t have the capacity to develop such a system before the approaching regulatory deadline.

Solution: We worked with the client and end-users to rapidly develop a suitable workflow system, while keeping the internal tech team in the loop to make sure the solution was fully compliant with internal tech policy. We delivered the system with a month to spare.