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We can help you to gather, process and analyze large amounts of data – whether it’s data within your organisation or data out on the web.

We automatically gather data from a variety of sourcesWe extract data from any file format, including PDF2We then clean, restructure, aggregate and classify the dataWe perform automated and manual quality assurance stepsWe analyse and get insights into the dataFinally we deliver the data and insights via a website or feed

Case Study 1: Big Mortgage Data

Challenge: Our client needed the ability to analyse hundreds of terabytes of mortgage data from different sources and in different formats.

Solution: We designed and developed a mortgage data processing platform using state-of-the-art Big Data technologies. The platform delivered the data in a user-friendly form which allowed the client to more easily analyse the results.

Case Study 2: Market Surveillance

Challenge: Our client needed to closely monitor reports posted on a variety of websites in order to make time-critical trading decisions. There was too much information to process manually, which meant the client would either have to hire many more people or accept that it would miss trading opportunities.

Solution: We leveraged our proprietary automated web crawling technology to constantly monitor websites, download both structured and unstructured files (like PDFs), extract their contents, and save them to a database. We then built a rules-based alerting system that allows the client to choose only those kinds of changes that are of interest; this massively reduced the time our client spent on market surveillance.