Deal Administration Software in the cloud

Manage your capital markets transactions with our flexible cloud based infrastructure

Manage simple and complex transactions

From simple fund structures to complex unique transactions, Administrator gives you the tools you need to monitor and report on your assets, liabilities and cash.

For the niche deal that isn’t a natural fit for most systems, the flexibility of Administrator means you can fulfil your reporting requirements.


Customise your reports

Provide your investors with the transparency they want and reduce the time spent responding to queries.

Work with us to design the reports and data files that you need to support your transactions.

Compliance Testing and Covenant Monitoring

The Compliance Engine in Administrator allows constant monitoring of the covenants, ratios and compliance tests required for your deal.

Working with Data-desktop

Working with data

Loading source data from your in-house systems or exporting data in a digestible format is easy with Administrator, work with us to configure your data integrations.

Leading companies are using Administrator, get started today!