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Photo collage of company members having fun
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Photo collage of company members having fun

Want to know if you’ll fit in?

Are you bright, curious and optimistic, quick to pick up new concepts and open to learning new things? Do you just love a good challenge and getting stuck in? Are you ready to step up and run with anything? Are you agile, adaptable and able to change, ready to get things done and quick to move on to the next thing?

Then you’ll find a like-minded group of interesting problem solvers, who are also warm and welcoming, dynamic and excited about what tomorrow holds.

Life isn’t ordinary at StructureIt

With offices around the globe, you’ll be part of a diverse, smart, humble and laid-back team, who are also open-minded and always open to new ideas. We’re allergic to egos, cruisers and unnecessary process.

 You’ll find the work interesting with very little red tape and constant opportunities to learn. We also believe in flexible hours and work spaces, so you can get things done in your way. Which is why we have also focused on creating an environment with less noise, less disruption and more time to focus.