Structured finance deal data, finally in a format you can use

We focus on data quality and timeliness so you can focus on decision-making

DealView Capstacks

  • Bond factors and associated data for all your holdings, not just the ones available from traditional data providers
  • DealView bond data is taken directly from the trustee reports
  • Effortless – get your data directly in Excel via our DealView Add-in or feed it into your systems via our simple API
  • Access the data anywhere – we don’t tie you to a workstation

DealView Docs

  • One source for all your investor reports, notices and deal documentation
  • Access all your files on the DealView website or pull them into your internal systems via our API
  • A realtime feed of all publications gives you the first look at new deal information

DealView Surveillance

  • Monitoring and collaboration tools that leverage the power of our live report feed
  • Analysts and traders can track and share deal commentary and internal ratings in a centralized portfolio feed
  • Customizable alerts allow analysts and traders to cut through the noise and respond to important changes
  • Make sure the right deals are monitored by the right people at the right time by assigning surveillance owners and priorities
  • DealView predicts when reports should publish and lets you know if any reports are late – giving you a heads-up on potential problems

DealView CMBS

  • Get CMBS data ahead of your competitors
  • Our Investor Reporting Pack data (Bond, Loan, Property, Financial and Commentary) is cleaned and validated and is more timely than traditional data providers
  • Choose between two tracks:
    • Fast Track feeds you the data as soon as it’s published and then notifies you of any revisions
    • Benchmark Track is only published once all the data is fully verified, which is ideal when accuracy is paramount (e.g. financial reporting purposes)

DealView Extract

  • Unlock the data in your deal reports and other files
  • Get the data you want directly in Excel without needing to open the PDF
  • Receive extracted data in a format that meets your exact need
  • Streamline your front or back office operations by feeding extracted data into your internal systems

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