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investor reporting software

Get a secure, feature-rich, audit-friendly investor reporting platform that’s easy to extend

Attract new business

A responsive and intuitive investor reporting experience keeps investors and issuers happy – and that makes your organisation more attractive as the administrator of the next deal. Easily tailor the website and the leverage the power of our API to strike at new opportunities.

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Drive efficiency savings

Better data quality, self-service features for investors, and easy-to-manage deal access workflow for administrators means you can spend less time and money on support. Whether you choose to host on-premise or use our cloud-based model, our investor reporting solution is cheaper to run and license than a home-grown system.

Improve quality and timeliness

Automate manual processes. Easily integrate with other systems. Leverage built-in validation checks and ensure your investors get the right information as soon as its available.

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Meet regulatory and compliance requirements

Seamlessly meet your 17g-5 reporting requirements without creating extra work for administrative staff. Put investors in control of their personal information with a system that’s designed to respect their rights under the GDPR regulation. Recording of all activity and support for separation of duties mean that providing audit evidence is a breeze.

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