Unlock the potential Big Data promises

Our Big Data engineering capability combined with our ability to quickly grasp and understand complex domains helps you uncover previously hidden insights and make sense of financial data in new ways, giving you a business advantage ahead of the market.

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Derive true value from your business data

We understand that technology changes faster than the market does. We are agile and quick to adapt and change, adopting new technologies and new ways of working with data to improve efficiencies and costs. We’re equally responsive when it comes to looking after you and your specific requirements, working in close partnership with you to make sure we consistently meet your Big Data needs.

Our ability to scale up and scale out means data is delivered in a way that makes sense to your business – in a structured and understandable format quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Constant monitoring of the entire process means issues are immediately picked up and addressed.

Our data processing capabilities


Gathering and extracting data

We build automated systems to gather, stream and extract data from various sources into data lakes.


Transforming data into useful  data models

Our transformation process cleans and verifies structured and unstructured data in data lakes into clearly understood data models. Using big data tools we are able to run transformations across massive amounts of data, tuning data into data models.


Derive optimised query models to deliver insightful data

A query model provides slices of the data models, delivering data in an easy-to-consume manner. Our query models are highly efficient and purpose built, providing the ability to take different and highly customised snapshots of data.


Using Big Data tools, we are able to slice and dice the data in a very efficient manner, using different data points to derive different insights, enabling you to make fast searches and complex comparisons. We are experts in building APIs, applications and custom reports on top of read models, providing you with additional insights, helping you analyse data differently and allowing you to spot potential issues and problems.