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Upstream system

Radar “listens” for data changes/notifications (such as SWIFT generated corporate actions) to create tasks for actioning and completion.

System creating tasks for auctioning and sending through to completion
All activity upstreamed on a single screen

All your tasks in one place

See all your activity in a single screen. These could be upstream system generated tasks, or regular recurring commitments across thousands of transactions. Radar will pull them into your dashboard only when its relevant that you should see them. And keep them there until they are actioned.


Simple workflows to ensure that the life cycle of an extended process is fully captured in relation to the key event date.

Infographic representation of a successful workflow
A team structure that mimics a business hierarchy

Team structure

A team group structure that mimics your business hierarchy, and allows collaboration and cover in times of absence.

Email alert

Receive daily digests of your task requirements via email on a frequency that works for you. So you can check up on what needs to happen as part of your standard day, either just for you, your team, or a time sensitive event.

Man viewing email alerts and sorting them into tasks
People viewing and interacting with a screen reporting the health of a business


High level management reporting to gauge
operational health of your business.

Full audit tracking

Not only does “4-eyes” come standard on task sign off, but everything within Radar is tracked and logged so the full picture is always available at all times.

Woman viewing the tracking audits on a screen

Experience the advanced functionality of Radar