Technical insights for faster and cost-effective solutions (Part 1)

Dale Nunns, our Senior Software Developer and Team Lead, shares insights on how we significantly improved the speed and reduced the cost of running our client’s pricing model. In a detailed exploration of our recent success story, Dale outlines our role in helping clients formulate a strategy to optimize their pricing model, resulting in improved speed and cost efficiency. One of our valued clients had acquired a licensed pricing model that demanded substantial computing power for efficient operation.

Faced with the challenge of preventing budget overruns caused by expensive machine upgrades, our team stepped in to devise a solution. Through the implementation of a system that duplicated tasks and performed calculations in parallel, we not only enhanced the speed of the model but also reduced the time required for computations. This innovative approach allowed our client to obtain results within minutes, addressing both speed and cost concerns effectively.

Watch Part 2 of Dale’s, Technical Insights for faster and cost-effective solutions (Part 2) video is available that dives into the nitty gritty parts of this incredible project

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